"Kim is one of those hairstylists that listens!

I had my hair cut by someone that I had been going to for a long time. He was good when I needed a trim but when I asked him to cut my long hair short, guess what? It was totally lopsided in the back!

I loved the short cut but felt unevenness in the back. I let my hair grow for about 8 weeks and then I went to Kim. She's so awesome! I left feeling more confident and with a hair cut I can DO something with.

So if you are tired of stubborn stylists that want to do their own thing and want someone with knowledge, go see Kim!!"


About Me:

Hi! I'm Kim Detken,

I've been a stylist for over 24 years and have a passion & love for what I do!

I will listen to you and
we will get the" look" you're after!

Hair extensions
Blowout smoothing treatment
Men's,Women's and Children's cuts

You name it!

Your hair is one of your most important factors in your unique look and an essential part of your image.

If you look great, you instantly feel great!

I want to make sure you look your best
at all times.

From consulting your new cut & color to ensuring you maintain it using the correct products and styling techniques.

I am here to help you!

I feel that education is very important and I continually learn" what's new and going on" in my industry.

From the moment you step into KD Hair Designs you will feel comfortable and can relax with a soda, water or go right to a glass of wine or a nice cold beer. Please kick off your shoes, pull out your iPad or laptop and finish your work or talk about your day.

I'm all about family so I'm ok if you need to bring your kids with you, unless of course it's "me time"
you're looking for.

I like to say that my inch is your inch and
I use caution when cutting off hair.
We can always talk about this
if you have any questions, just ask me!

Established in 1989, I have been a stylist for over 24 years in the Orange County, Newport, Costa Mesa area. I have owned my own Salon, been an educator and
have been a platform artist.

Sometimes there's room in my schedule to get you in on the same day,
so go ahead and send me a text, email or call!
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KD Hair Designs
1815 Newport Blvd
Unit C, Studio 27
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

(949) 278-6636


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