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Women’s Haircut (1 hr)
Men’s Haircut (30 min)
Kid’s Cuts (15 min)
With Wash (30 min)
Teen Cut (30min)

Color / Blow dry (1hr 30min)
Color with Haircut roots only (1hr 30min)
Refresher (2hrs)

High Lights Top
With Blow Dry (1hr 15min)
With Haircut (1hr 30min)
Add Color (add 15min)

High Lights Partial
With Blow Dry (1hr 30min)
With Haircut (2hrs)
Add Color (add 15mi)

High Lights Full
With Blow Dry (2hrs)
With Haircut (2hrs 15min)
Add Color (add 15min)

Additional Hair Styling Services:
Hair Extensions


Before and after.

Brazilian Blowout:
Works well for frizzy hair and if you use a smoothing treatment after, it will last up to 5 months instead of only lasting up to 12 weeks.


Before and after.

I just became a master certified Brazilian Blowout specialist. I'm so excited because this was an invite only from the BB company itself!

Kin Products:
And my color line have the same technology. Both leave the hair very shiny and soft looking. This line offers KinMen which has shampoos, tonics, wax, pastes and gels. Also shampoos and tonics for hair loss, oily and dry scalps and a wide variety of styling products.
Add Hair Conditioners to Service
Dry & frizzy hair??? I have several solutions:
Just add shine
Condition & shine
Strengthen & shine
Strengthen, shine & condition
Or eliminate frizz add shine and make it look healthy and shiny-
Call me I'll take care of you


Is your hair crazy staticky? Dry, cold weather zaps hair of moisture, creating the ideal environment for static to hang out.

To send static packing, apply Acai Daily Smoothing Serum throughout towel dried hair before blow drying. This amino acid enriched formula infuses strands with long-lasting hydration to prevent static and frizz from fuzzing up your style.
Call me @ 949-278-6636

Moroccan Oil:
An oil that you can use on wet or dry hair. It will leave the hair smooth and shiny. After time your hair will become healthier and will look and feel better.
Conditioning Smoothing Treatment (1hr 30min)
Blow Dry
Long Hair Styling (1hr 30min)
Tired of tangles?? Get the "Wet Brush"!


No joke, it brushes through tangles as if they weren't even there.

I offer a new treatment called "The Malibu Treatment"
What a difference it made. Check out the pic on the left, prior to the treatment and the pic on the right, after the Malibu Treatment. Her hair is the same color - I
just added the Malibu Treatment in pic on the right.


This treatment gets rid of ALL the mineral build up and not only gives the hair shine but will give you true on tone even color. I am so pleased with this service.

My client says: "Nice. The color came out great as well has my hair :) I am loving the new treatment."



First! Thank you for fitting me in on such short notice...
And Second Thank you for bringing the exact color out that I was dreaming of!!

I truly appreciate your dedication to detail! Your patience with me and really listening to what I was looking for and making it happen!

I LUV My hair!! God Bless!


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